Business Consultation

As a Business Consultant I will study an overview of your venture to see whether all or specific aspects of your venture requires any adjustment to help get you to the next level.
I also provide other business services such as writing a business plan, market research, marketing plan, digital marketing strategies to suit your needs. Please contact me for further discussion and to get a quote to fit your requirement.

Business Coaching

I will work one-on-one with an entrepreneur to guide them towards achieving their goals. Whether you already have an establishu business venture or you just have an idea, I can work closely with you to put in place the best strategies for success. I offer one off coaching services as well as on going support. Coaching can be done by phone, skype / video call and face-to-face (London).

Life Coach/Mentorship

Most of the time in life, we only seek assistance / support when things have fallen apart and when we are pushed to a corner. This isn't the best approach so it is important to seek assistance before things get overwhelming. As a Life Coach / Mentor, I will work closely with an individual to help them structure their life, set and work towards achieveable goals and help them get back on track in regards to their personal or professional life. We will have one-on-one discussions / planning over the phone, via video calling or even face-to-face if you live within London.

Motivational Speaking

Over the past couple of years, I have done various motivational speaking sessions at numerous events using my story/ experiences to inspire and motivate people from all works of life. I am available to do motivational speaking at different types of event catering to a wide range of audience like young people, business people, health professional at more. Please feel free to contact me for a quote if you would like for me to come and speak at your event and give it that extra unforgettable touch

Marketing Research/ Strategist

Whether you are launching a new business, a new product or you just want to rebrand, it is very importan to ensure you do adequate market research on current trends, your target audience, your competitors etc. I will carry out adequate marketing research and provide you with a detailed report with strategies and steps to help you succeed

Business Planning

When it comes to business, planning is everything as it helps keep track of everything relating to your business / project. Many people know exactly how the want to exeute their business idea but are unsure how to put their ideas into a proper structured business plan and this is where my services come in.
I can work with individuals and small businesses to produce a well structured and detailed business plan that will include achievable goals, marketing strategies, financial forecast and so on. A business plan is vital to help you keep track of your business affairs, to register your business and it is also important for investors and banks when you looking for financial backing or loans/grants.

Business Consultation

One-to-one consultation to discuss your plans and offer advise on tailor-made effective strategies to suit the needs of your brand/venture

Business Coaching

Ongoing or intermittent business coaching to help your reach your targets and achieve your business goals