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Back to School Guide/Tips

As September begins, many parents prepares for the start of the academic year . Whether your child is resuming their studies or about to start school for the first time, this can be an anxious time as you wont be able to supervise your child as much. Most parents worry about how their child will cope in school. 

It is very important to make sure your child is well equipped with the essential things they need to make their time in school easier. The essential items that your child may require greatly varies depending on the age of the child. Here are a suggestion of the essential items that may be beneficial to your child through their journey in formal education/schooling.

Clothing Items 

Most schools around the world requires students to wear a uniform and the school will be able to provide you with information about where to purchase their uniforms. Other essential clothing items for school will be things like shoes, bag, P.E kit/ sports gear. For those that live in cold climates like the U.K, USA, Canada etc, it is also vital to ensure your child has warm jackets/coats, rain gear and thermal wear to keep them warm. It is very common for school kids to have the same or similar items as their peers so to avoid confusion, it is a good idea to personalise your child’s properties lke bottles, lunchbox, bag, jackets and accessories. You can do this by getting personalised labels that can be sticked, ironed or stiched on to items.

School Supplies / Stationaries 

It is extremely important to ensure that your child has the neccesary supplies and stationaries before school starts. Some of these vital supplies include notebooks, pencil case, maths set, calculator, planner/organiser, folders and so on. It is also helpful to have a notice board to display impotant letters from school to attend to, reminders of important dates and the contact details of the school.

Electronics/Digital items

Whether we like it or not, electronics/Digital products have become a huge aspect of our modern lifestyle and children are no different. During my school days we chad to queue up or book a slot to be able to use a computer to do research and school work.

On the other hand, these days technology are a crucial part of the curriculum. Many schools now provide digital tablets/ipads for students as young as 4 to use while at school. However, it is useful for your child to also have their own personal tablets to use at home. A tablet can be a very effective learning tool when used right.  There are various types of tablets ranging from leapads for young kids to ipads for all ages. There are tablets like the “Amazon fire” that are purposely created for kids with many educative activities and video on demand.

One of the most recent popular digital devices are the “Smart Home Voice-control Devices” like ‘Alexa’ and ‘Goggle Home’ which are control by voice. These devices are not only used for entertainment but are also a useful learning tool that school kids can use for research, to learn new things and do their homework. These devices can also be used to set up alarms, reminders, whether forecast and much more.


Other Useful Tips

There are many other important Tips that will help parents through this journey. Some of them are: 

  • Ensure you are well organised and prepare in advance.
  • Make sure your child has a healthy & balanced diet that includes fruits and Vegs.
  • Be hands-on and keep up-to-date with your child’s development at school. 
  • Notify the school if your child has any medical condition or allergies.
  • Ensure your child is up-to-date with their vaccines/immunisation to help protect them from catching something from other kids.
  • Get a first aid kit to treat minor injuries like bruises/cuts. 
  • Make time to further help your child with things like homework, learning activities etc.
  • Make use of every arising opportunities to teach your child and further their development. For example, there are countless learning opportunities within the household such as the kitchen (cooking) were you can teach kids about types of food, texture, elements ,colours and so on.

Here are some useful items for your child's schooling/learning

Variety stationary set with pens, pencils, crayon etc

Maths set with all the necessary items for maths

Anti-theft backpack with USB charging and headphone port

The Fire HD Tablet is purposely built for kids for learning and entertainment

The Amazon Echo is a great smart voice-control device with fantastic features

This magnetic weekly planner will help you to organise weekly tasks

Scientific calculators are essential for maths especially for secondary school kids

These are personalised self-adhesive labels to stick onto your child’s properties

This lunch box set is ideal for young kids who take packed lunch to school

Stationaries are a necessity for school and this pack consist of various items

This stationary organiser is great for kids to use to do their homework /activities 

This thermal under wear will help to keep your child cold during winter


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