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My name is Miriam Kay and I am an Entrepreneur, Business/Life coach, Motivational Speaker as well as the Founder/CEO of The Dora Foundation which is a non-profit organisation I started for Sickle Cell Support & Youth Development.

I am very passionate about helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals and reach their full potential. I use my knowledge about business and over 10 years worth of experience within the industry to help my clients get to that next level towards Professional and Personal Growth. 

I offer tailor-made services to suit the needs and budget of my clients. Whether you want to start/grow your business, re-brand, find the best marketing strategies, find out how digital/social media marketing can help with your growth or if you want to make positive lifestyle changes, you will greatly benefit from my coaching services. Check out the services page for further information and feel free to contact me   


Business Consultation

One-to-one consultation to discuss your plans and offer advise on tailor-made effective strategies to suit the needs of your brand/business.
Even if you just have an idea and haven't quite started, we can still have a discussion and weigh out your options. Book your FREE 30 minutes consultation to help you kick-start .
This can be a one-off consultation or reoccurring over a period of time.

Business Coaching

This involves ongoing or intermittent business coaching to help your reach your targets and successfully achieve your business goals.
No matter how successful you business currently is, there is always room for improvement in this ever changing business climate .
As a business coach I will work with you to outline your goals, carryout marketing research and provide with with the necessary resources/information to help your brand grow. We will have schedule reoccurring meetings to help stay on track and set targets.

Marketing Strategist

As a Marketing Strategist, I will work closely with a brand looking to improve their marketing and promotion whether you are Starting, Expanding or Re-branding. I offer the option to either just have a one-off consultation and give your advice to boost your marketing and reach your target audience. The other option includes me doing thorough marketing research and put together a detailed 'Strategic Marketing Plan' along with an action plan to guide you through the process and help you to stay on track. We will have one-to-one discussions/reviews via video calling as well.

Motivational Speaking

I have been using my experiences and story to connect and inspire people from all works of life. I have been booked to be a guest speaker at various events. I am very versatile and able to adapt my speech to any audience type, any topic and any situation.

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    Customers Reviews


    It was very insightful and enriching. It has really helped me to progress further into the marketing and logistics of my business.
    Esther Oyetunde
    CEO, Crown your star
    Miriam was able to give me some vital pointers to help my brand stand out and attract more organisations to work with me. I highly recommend her services.
    Emily Grant
    social Media influencer